A real nice Irish tune, I could not resist adapting to flush frets banjo, this lovely hornpipe which is also called "SMOOCHI" hornpipe, among others played b...

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Comment by Jody Stecher on October 18, 2013 at 17:08

In my neighborhood where I grew up in Brooklyn, NY Mrs. Kenny ran the local toy store. She hated children. She was the nastiest person I ever met. Sometimes when small children would buy little toys or trinkets that cost a few pennies, if they paid with a larger coin or even a dollar bill (we did occasionally see these) she would deliberately give the wrong change, holding back some money for herself. When we'd ask for the rest of our change she would scowl and say "NO!". 

I'm not sure what "smoochi" means but I do know that another name for this tune is "The Shit Cart Polka".  I'm not making this up.

The original of this tune is called Woodland Flowers. It was composed in Scotland as a schottische by Felix Burns. In this original form it has some small details that are particularly compatible with the aesthetics of typical classic banjo repertoire. A nice version is on a Parlophone 78 rpm disc played by accordion player Will Starr. Here's a link:


if that doesn't work, it can be accessed from this page:


Comment by Eric STEFANELLI on October 18, 2013 at 17:38

It's amazing, but what horror! This wicked woman would sell the brooms and whisks, not toys! When I went to school, I also knew one, she held a candy store right next to the exit of the school, she was very ugly and had huge breasts, with lots of lipstick around the mouth ... a bit of a model fat women as in the films of Fellini ... she also did not make money and selling moldy mallows market, children have had problems with intoxication, and store been closed. I think independently of the country, we all have memories of youth that are the same ...
My friend Marc Dalmasso to also quite horrible to tell about a woman selling banjos in Nice city, which was also very big and sold banjos pretty horrible, but it can tell you better than me stories.

Comment by Eric STEFANELLI on October 18, 2013 at 17:39

I do not know that I had composed beautiful piece, I like the version played by Matt Molloy "Stony Steps on his album, and I think there is a version for mandolin. I experienced some difficults to adapt this piece for the banjo, especially regarding the strong and weak beats, play a hornpipe how classic banjo is not easy, perhaps melodic style, but this is not the same style so I left there ...

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