composé par Joe Morley / Edouard & marc Dalmasso /répétition __ mars 2017

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Comment by Chris Cioffi on March 8, 2019 at 19:21

C’est merveilleux, Marc ! Excellent Piano ! Je vois votre Edison Amberola 30 dans le coin... Quel banjo et cordier ? Clifford Essex ?

Comment by marc dalmasso on March 8, 2019 at 22:01

merci Chris pour tous tes sympathiques commentaires ; oui , le banjo est un CE spécial , crois je me souvenir .

this recording is not the best i have done with my father ;  i think Darktown dandies is difficult to play ,

je pense qu 'il faut une vie pour jouer du JM / i guess  a life is necessary to play in the right way all the beautiful &  so melodics tunes  composed by JM

Comment by Chris Cioffi on March 8, 2019 at 22:20

C’est ton père au piano ? Vous êtes si heureux !!! Oui, je comprends dur à jouer, mais vous avez tous deux fait donc magnifiquement ! Je n’ai vu la pièce de raccordement floue en vidéo pour réaliser Clifford Essex...

Merci my French is not good, I try with Bable fish, but it is in error now; forgive me but to continue in English:

You are blessed to have Father in your life and musical life (he is very good...AND  with banjo accompaniement) "musical" and step father passed 2 years ago and I am sad (he played guitar and loved me playing banjo with him as a child and adult). You both play beautifully! Apologies that I saw this years after you posted it;

I am catching up on old posts.  I love you and you're son's and father's playing.

Do you like Django Reinhardt?   If I ever come to Europe again, i would love to visit you and your family and Eric and his wife.

I thank God for you my best to You All in France......

VERY NICE music you play!


Comment by Chris Cioffi on March 8, 2019 at 22:26

And yes, I agree, Joe Morley is THE man! His "Tarantella" on the Tarrant Bailey recodrings, I have NEVER heard better 5 string banjo...even Earl Scruggs (and I grew up in bluegrass banjo).

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