the brain needs feeding as well as the stomach . my mother told me so .shee would suggest in the morning ,honey in bowl porridge with blueberrys chopped srawberrys bring to boil eat .then after multi vit & min omino cap omega 3 6 9  b com b 17 from apricot kernal take with malt .then a brisk walk while thinking how to tackle practice today .you should rattle a bit by now.but mums are always right .she was still playing the piano at 98 bless her .now where did i put that banjo

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Comment by Sylvia on June 21, 2012 at 16:11

Well I can manage the porridge, have some honey in the cupboard, the blueberries I finished yesterday, strawberries I looked at but didn't bother to buy today, and the rest I will have to get from the health food shop.    I like the sound of your Mum Alan, she reminds me of a good friend who was playing tenor banjo and Saxaphone and whistle and concertina at 90.

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