Identifying Banjo Pieces from Tom Barriball's Collection

Hi All - Help required if at all possible -

"I am trying to identify Banjo Pieces, which have been digitised. It lasts 65 minutes, made on 18th February 1992 by Tom Barriball.
"I've identified some; on one side that I recognise Banjo pieces but name them. If anyone can try and identify them and the titles
Send me aprivate  message with your personal email address and I will send you a Big File Transfer is 360Mb in size. Regards to all & thanks; "Thanks to "The reallyniceman" for running, quietly in the background, this magic site, "I think it is the best thing since sliced bread!! Regards to all, Tarry Barriball

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Comment by Alan Sims on August 29, 2012 at 11:33

Hi Tarry , thanks for the download . Yesterday i dug out guitar version by Chet atkins of 12 street rag .i thought i might adapt to banjo. Iplayed your your  fathers download just this mornning and there he is playing it .Abit scary i thought.

Comment by Tarry Barriball on August 30, 2012 at 10:28

Hi Alan - I told you he was good - he had been playing the Banjo since he was 8yrs of age so there wasn't much he didn't know about the Banjo and playing Banjo Pieces. I actually transposed that piece of music for him when I was going to school. Changed the key to suit the Banjo as it was written more as a "Jazz Piece" and not really suited to the Banjo originally. I think, if I recall correctly I transposed it to the key of "G" from something like "D#"

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