Hello there...well I started about 2 weeks ago learning to play the banjo...been working on Round Peak rolls...and some normal bum ditty ....i set up my banjo with a fiberskyn head and some nylgut strings...not really knowing about Classic Banjo...i was heading towards fretless playing after hearing some wonderful music.

I'm a jazz piano player by trade for over 45 years...and really didn't pay much attn to the banjo...and then going to the internet I found this music to be more than I ever expected for this instrument.

I started to see some tab charts for classical like Bach ECT. I come to you folks that know so much more than I about some way to start to play the Classic Style of music...maybe with easy tab but with the right kind of music to get my voyage started with this....regards Paul

If you want to hear my piano playing go to Paul Painter Jazz on YouTube

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Comment by Paul Painter on November 26, 2018 at 15:37

Hi Joel..

No didn't skip....started 1st page I'm just up to 26....reviewing daily...so I won't forget any....and yes I've took the time to watch the "Learn to Play" videos..he addressed the hand positions...i used to give piano lessons for beginning and advanced players...so I do understand about technical practice...im just seeing the hand positions of the chord forms in the music...and of course hand positions over the melody.

Now just trying to relax and try to get smooth and faster...and remember where to go to get the notes right...just learning and remembering the string and what notes they are...or said proper learning the neck...keeping the same tuning for now is helping until it's second nature....i know it's coming but not just yet. Thanks for the comments.....regards Paul

Comment by Joel Hooks on November 26, 2018 at 15:42

That sounds good!  Post any questions and we will do our best to help.

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