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Bill Evans plays 'Ballad No. 1' (Cammeyer)  

He has recorded this on his latest album: 'The Banjo in America'.

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The Wayne Adams Old Classic Banjo Collection

Many CB players will already be aware of this but this has recently been released on CD.  I know many of these tunes are in the Original Recordings archive and elsewhere but it's good to see this being released. …


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Fred and George Van Eps: profiles in jazz

Fred and George Van Eps are featured in September issue of The Syncopated Times - it's well worth subscribing to The Syncopated Times if you are interested in early jazz and ragtime:

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Olly Oakley plays Gallopade

Amazing skills - haven't heard this one before, I think this a Cammeyer tune.

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SS Stewart on Ebay

Nice SS Stewart Universal Favourite on Ebay Uk - scale length is just over 27 inches according to seller

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Ragging the Scale - Van Eps Banjo Orchestra

A different version of Ragging the Scale than the one in the Original Recordings library marked as Van Eps Banjo Orchestra.  I wonder who the other musicians were - sounds like plectrum or tenor banjo.

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Frank Fairfield

Frank Fairfield on banjo.  Wowzers.

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Clarke Buehling interview

Just thought I'd share this on a youtube site 'Old Time Central'.  He plays: Lone Star Quickstep, Hot Foot Ike cakewalk and a twisty tune I'm not familiar with, The Hartford Jig.

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Hello again...and some playlists

I have been a way for a while - I got distracted trying to learn some AJ Weidt pieces on the tenor banjo - but I now have the itch to start playing the 5-string banjo again.   

I thought I'd share some Playlists I created on YouTube for Sunday listening/watching:

Here is another one which is more ragtime…


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The Bell Chimes

A pretty little tune - this is the Herbert J Ellis version (but with the Dobson intro).  Hope you like this one, Ian (our resident Bell Ringer)

Edit by Ian:

I have added a Music player for Carrie's recording.

Very nice indeed Carrie, and a nice sounding banjo too. You sound better than my Handbell Ringing Team…


Added by carrie horgan on November 1, 2014 at 15:00 — 8 Comments

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