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Working on a Few Pieces

Working through the Wiedt book and looking at videos that have been posted by members here has given me a push to try a few other pieces and I've got three in the works:

  • Kaloola--memorized but still working on playing it cleanly and consistently
  • Sunflower Dance--memorized, but I believe I need to tweak some of the right-hand choices to make it flow better and feel more comfortable
  • Pink Lemonade--still reading…

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Weidt Book 1: Week 6

Week 6

Elfin Waltz (Banjo 2)

- - - - -

With this week's addition to the practice list, I believe we will have covered the whole book. 

I finally printed a copy and bound it together with the first forty pages of Herbert J. Ellis, Ellis's Thorough School for the Five Stringed Banjo (London: John Alvey Turner, n.d). More about that later.

My plan is to spend this week working on the new material and then to take the next two weeks to…


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Weidt Book 1: Week 5

Week 5

Elfin Waltz (Banjo 1)

- - - - -

I confess. I jumped ahead and started playing through Elfin Waltz this week, both parts, and I like it. It feels more musical than some of the other pieces and the second banjo part takes my fancy.

One challenge will be to follow the right hand fingering in the second part of measures 2 and 4. It's easy for me to move a string using middle-index, but it's much harder for me to do it using index-middle. I see…


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Weidt Book 1: Week 4

Week 4

The Fairies (Banjo 2)

- - - -

This coming week my plan is to work on the accompaniment to The Fairies, print out a good copy of the book so that I can easily work on the exercises, and review. I have cleaned up the sheet music from Week 3, but I want to compare it with the notation in A to make sure I haven't removed any notes that were in the original -- right-hand finger choices, for example -- and I haven't had a spare moment to do it.

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Weidt Book 1: Week 3

Week 3

Exercises on time 4

The Fairies (Banjo 1)

[A clean copy of the notation will be posted soon.]

- - - -

It's silly, really, but having a schedule worked out in advance and posting it here every Friday is, at the moment, making it really easy for me to stay focused on working on something I've wanted to do for a long time.

I'm looking forward to adding The Fairies to the mix this week. Onward!

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Weidt Book 1: Week 2

Week 2

Exercises on time 1-3

Mosquito Jig (Thanks to Trapdoor2 for the notation linked below.)


- - - -

This week, I'll be adding the exercises and tune above to the things I'm already working on from Week 1. I just played through Mosquito Jig a few times and it looks like an…


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Weidt Book 1: Week 1

Study Schedule for Week 1

Exercises for learning to read the notes: 1

Chords and exercises in C Major: 1

The Yodler; Amusement Waltz

Weidt in C TUTOR

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Weidt Book 1: Study Schedule

Some time ago, I tossed out the idea of creating a collaborative group to study the Weidt books. Then I got really busy--too busy to tackle something new--so, in my mind, I set June 1st as the date that I would try to get things going.

Well, it's June 1.

I've put together a reasonably-paced study schedule (see below) and I'm ready to dive in. Anyone else who would like to join me is welcome to.

I will create a new blog post at the…


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