Howdy. New member here..  

     I have been messing around with Clawhammer and some Irish tenor...   Now it is time to get serious... :)     

I recently purchased an couple of old Zither banjos, and want to set them up for classic. I know I will want nylon strings, but which ones?    I have used Labella 17's before.   Is this a good choice?     

My new toys... (pictures are from the Ebay listings.. :) )

1910ish Temlett.  Needs new head, and neck reset. and some general prettying up.. This is the one I am working on now...

 1930ish Windsor Popular number 7. Has an issue with the neck to pot connection..  Just have to figure out how to fix it.. :)

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Hi Eric,

Thanks for your answer, it's really very helpful.

 I did think the original screws must have a wider coarser thread. The ones used looked like they were only biting on the final 5mm of the thread because they must have been slightly longer than originals.

The pot and the neck look in good condition, for its age and do not seem to have any other faults. 

But I have never seen the original screws and would hate to cause damage.

Hey if you do some spares, that would be super. I would gladly also pay for your time etc. 

If you do not then photos would be a help.

Thanks again, i was really stuck. I got the banjo as a gift for my son's 18th birthday and he is really looking forward to playing it.

Eric Crum said:

Mine was held on with much coarser thread screws...  I will take a picture of one when I get a chance...  Might have some extras... I have quite a Windsor parts stash now... :)    The pot was warped on mine, causing the neck to point towards the treble side, and the back piece was starting to separate..  Steamed it straight, Added about a 6 inch section from another broken Windsor on the inside as a gusset. Also had to take a bunch of twist and bow out of the neck... Plays great now, and is my current 2nd favorite banjo I own... (Favorite is my Popular #1 open back).     

Ended up going with medium Clifford Essex Classic banjo strings...    Then I played with different head skin thicknesses until I found one that sounded just right for me..     I basically use the same strings on everything now...

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