Hey guys,

I recently purchased an old Yazoo LP album from 1973 called "Fred Van Eps and Vess L. Ossman, Kings of the Ragtime Banjo". i'm sure most of you have seen it, its a white cover with drawn images of both men sitting and playing banjos with recording horns behind them. The album has 5-6 different songs recorded by each of them from the early 1900s, later made available on 33 rpm LP, which is this record. Anyways....there's a song named "Rusty Rags Medley", played by Ossman, and in the description for the tune, it states that at the intro....it is introduced by Ossman himself. WOW! I was unaware that his voice had ever been recorded. Are all you other Ossman fans aware of this... or is this just new to little old me? 

I got to listening to a few other recordings, and came across a similar sounding voice on one version he did of "Eli Green's Cakewalk". Is this Vess' voice again...and how many other recordings of his voice are out there? 




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