I wonder if I might draw on your collective knowledge, which I know is pretty extensive, and ask  Does anyone know who G W Temlett is?  This is the name stamped on the neck of my Banjo-Ukulele.  Now I know William Temlett Senior and his son W E Temlett (also William) Junior.  These are among the most famous of English banjo makers, but who is 'G W'?  I'm mystified.

The head, or drum, of my banjo-uke is unquestionably by Temlett Senior, and from a 5-string zither-banjo, but 'G W TEMLETT, MAKER, LONDON' is on the neck.  Was this another member of the family?  Or did Temlett Senior start using an extra initial when he split from his son?

Thanks for reading this, especially if you are Mark Temlett, great, great grandson of William Temlett Senior, and able to make a reply.

Black Jake of Norwich.

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