I want to know detailed information about Emile Grimshaw artist model banjo.
Grimshaw banjo lineup and whether time had been made about?
Do you have those who know somebody more thing?

satoshi (samurai banjo)

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Grimshaw banjo that I know this is two.


I 've see a similar tenor banjo  branded " Hartford " ; so we could think  this is  OK :

   " Emile Grimshaw, the famous author, composer, arranger and banjoist, severed connections with the Clifford Essex Company to form his own firm in conjunction with his son in 1933. Previous to this date he had sold banjos to his private pupils which he had made for him by Robert (“Bob”) Blake of Finchley, London. These instruments bore the mark " E.G." or "Hartford".  "

Thank you Marc. Have you seen the photos of the Hartford banjo?


this last was sold on eBay for 999 £ some years ago

and here ' s another  one ,  lower grade

Wow! I saw for the first time the tenor banjo of this model. It is inspiring.
Thank you so much Marc.

My 5-string banjo so too, but I was surprised to instruments of quality in very clear sound.

U  are welcome ; you should get in touch  with éric Stefanelli , one of my best friend , he is a top level banjo player & luthier ; and  a big fan of the Japanese culture ; he 's just back from on month in Japan ; best @+marc

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