Edison Record - Fred Van Eps - Darkey's Dream & Darkey's Awakening - Medley of Southern Melodies

I got a USB LP turntable last year, fiddled around with it and couldn't figure out how to use it properly so it sat in a corner. Well the other day I plugged it in, figured it out, and began recording some of my 33s using Audacity and it worked like a charm. I wondered if I could record 78s on it even though there are only 33 and 45 settings on the turntable and the needles are obviously different. It recorded successfully, albeit slowly, and there was an option to change the speed of the recording from 45 to 78 rpm... Sweet!

My brother got me this Edison record of Fred Van Eps off eBay for my birthday. A previous owner was careless with it, there are needle drop marks on one side, but it still plays.

hope you enjoy!

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I tried using the noise removal tool, but it didn't sound right. You trade the fuzz sound for electric chirpy sounds.

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