God... I listened to Bill Ball's rendition of this Morley piece once and now I just can't get it out of my head. I'm having one of those MUST... PLAY... THIS... moments.


I therefore humbly ask the good people of Classic-Banjo.ning.com whether any charitable soul out there would care to share the sheet music for Dream Dance, by Joe Morley, and thereby relieve my poor soul of having to listen to track 10 on the Humoresque CD over and over again!

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Hi Mike,

You mean this?




Your wish is my command, ask and it shall be given.

Hi Richard,

It looks like we both uploaded the score at the exact same moment.

Still, Mike can't complain... he now  has two copies whereas before he had none!



I cannot recall if I have tabbed this one out or not. I'll check this evening.


BTW, If anyone wants tab for "Desert Trail", I've just finished the solo.

:D Fantastic, and two copies, no less! If only I had four arms and two brains... I'll get to work on it as soon as possible! Thank you!


(PS, Trapdoor... "Desert Trail" would be most welcome as well... I know, I'm being greedy. BMAS [Banjo Music Acquisition Syndrome] is a most terrible affliction indeed!)

Here's the dots to Morley's "Desert Trail". I found an error in the TAB fingering (for some of the triplets) so I'll post it after I get it fixed.


I was mistaken re: Dream Dance. I must have been thinking about "Dancer's Dream"



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