Does anybody know if Clifford Essex Music Co Ltd is still in business?  I have been trying to get in touch with them all week and can not get anybody to answer emails etc.  It is getting frustrating, then I thought perhaps they are no longer in business?  Their website seems normal and I got an email confirming a purchase I made, but nothing else.  Anybody know?

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I´m now an infrequent visitor to this site because my playing* is limited by arthritis in my left hand.  This is very sad news.  Clem emailed me last August to tell me he was ceasing publication of  the BMG magazine due to illness, but I have only just caught up.  I have purchased several instruments and accesories from Clifford Essex over the years and always appreciated Clem´s personal service.  Very sad.

(* It was never that great anyway ...)

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