Crikey no wonder he left.     Have you looked at the selection of "gifts" available? and the ones that we gave to him.     You can't go giving Guiness to a Scotsman!    Among the other gifts on offer were .. handbags, heart decorated boxer shorts, teddy bears, and high heeled shoes, just think about it.     You have to give a Scotsman.. WHISKEY, then he becomes a Scotchman.     Maybe a boomerang would help to get him to return?   It's a thought, and I'm only trying to be helpful.    He's probably gone south over the boorrrrder, then it really is goodbye.

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Correction, you can't give a Scotsman whiskey, you have to give him WHISKY without an "e"! :-P Hmmm, Bruichladdich...
As long as you ' give ' it to him a Scotsman will even drink Irish Whiskey, begorrah and strewth mate.

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