I have had an old Montgomery Wards "Windsor" banjo that has been sitting because the dowel stick was broken off in the neck.. Finally decided to get cracking on it...    It was made by Lyon & Healy for Montgomery Wards in the mid 1890's.   Basically a  "Mystic" banjo with a different inlay on the peghead, and a double spun 11" rim...  All hardware is original, but the tailpiece has a broken bit...


Spent the day getting the broken piece out of the neck... :)

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Got the hole cleaned out. Decided to try and repair the dowel rather than replace it...   A new piece epoxied to the end, with a 1/4 bras rod going through the center stoping just shy of the screw hole for the neck attachment. If anything, it is stronger than the original. I will use hyde glue to attach it to the neck. but I used boat epoxy for the actual repair... (system 7)

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