A.J. Weidt, (1866-1945)

Born in Buffalo NY, on Feb. 15th, 1866, died in Middletown, New Jersey, on December 9, 1945. A highly prolific composer and arranger of light entertaining works for the fretted instruments, A. J. Weidt had nearly three hundred works published during the first three decades of the 20th century. Although his primary instrument was the five-string classic banjo, and later the tenor banjo, he also published ninety-four works for guitar and many others for mandolin and mandolin orchestra. Basing his career in Newark, New Jersey, Weidt was noted for founding and conducting a number of large banjo and mandolin orchestras such as the Newark Mandolin Orchestra of 100 members, the Whyte Laydie Banjo Club, the Gibson Mandolin Orchestra and the Ideal Banjo Club. An advertisement from his teaching studio indicates that he was open for business from 4 pm till 10 pm weekdays.

Much of my information on Weidt was obtained from Eli Kaufman and is included in my book "Great American Marches, Polkas & Grand Concert Waltzes for Acoustic Guitar" (Mel Bay Publications 1997)-Douglas Back

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