Picked up some very early Olly Oakley 78's this week. Single sided discs from The Gramophone and Typewriter Company so dating to 1907 or earlier.

Particularly liked this version of Gondolier Two Step...

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Brilliant Russ!  

Great tune indeed.... Seems as though it could have been recorded be specially for me!

Good one!.  Oakley had the gift of making his music particularly enjoyable to the listener.  I also like the Fred Van Eps record where he pairs Gondolier with Temptation Rag. It's one of the few Van Eps performances where it goes at a moderate pace and I can actually tell what notes he's playing and —sometimes — how he's getting them.

That is what Lynn says!


Indeed Jody that is superb playing by Fred Van Eps. I want the score!

It seems that I have this one but I do not have the second.  The recordings are dressed up over the score.


Thank you Joel and thank you Richard for the scores!

Now the tricky bit is working out how Van Eps played them, then the even trickier bit of actually playing like Van Eps played them!

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