I have received this message from our friend Tony Bryan about a Banjo Tutor Book that he has been keeping secret!

Quote:  "I've just being going over the tutors you have on the classic banjo website.  Not a laugh to be found in any of them - they are all so serious!  It certainly looks as though they are expecting you to take the rest of your life to get up to scratch.  

To counter this sense of overpowering doom for your aspirant players, I offer this tutor from my collection.  You do have to turn the pages fairly quickly, though, to get through it in five minutes, but I agree with the sentiment."

I thought Tony's playing skills were down to the magical influence of his close friend Tapis D'Orient, but it seems not.

Tony has revealed that he learned to play the banjo in 5 minutes from his "special" tutor book and he has now decided to share it with us all.

I have added a copy to the TUTOR BOOKS page for free download... so now there is no excuse not to play Classic Style like Tony the maestro, and you should be proficient by teatime :-))

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This is the instruction book I have been looking for!

In five minutes I will start my new full time career as a professional banjo player.

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