My name is Philip Agnew and I thought I would introduce myself and my great-grandfathers zither banjo. I live in Brisbane Australia, the same city my great-grand father Garnet Agnew lived in at the beginning of the 20th century.

Garnet was a free-lance artist and illustrator and from an early age was playing banjo and performing with his family in musical pieces and theater productions put together by his father.

The banjo, which he refereed to as "Jo", was one of his prized possessions and was well traveled around the state of Queensland. This photo is from a recent exhibition on my family's artistic involvement in the local area.

In the case are some of Garnet's art supplies and the original banjo case and a self portrait of the artist with his banjo. I performed a few tunes on the opening day and had a lot of interest in the banjo and the style of music I was playing. From what I have been told Garnet used to play in a finger picking style but would also use a pick on occasions. (I believe he used to play in a few dance bands)

All the best

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Hi Philip,

Your Great Granddad was obviously a talented chap! What amazes me is that UK made banjos turn up all over the world! Australia seems to be full of them!

Welcome to Classic Banjo Ning. It is good to see that you are helping to keep both the style and the family tradition alive.


Hi Philip, whoever did the restoration on your Windsor did a great job, it looks and sounds the business..Steve. 

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