This rare footage of Mike Moss playing banjo with what seems to be another Mike Moss aboard the HMS Indefatigable. This is the result of a long process of cloning experiments with which Mike intended to create an army of Mikes in order to set up a Minstrel troupe without having to share the proceeds with anybody but himself (or his clones). He brought his first success with him as entertainers during the Great War.

It is often said that HMS Indefatigable was destroyed at Jutland by two shells from SMS Von der Tann -- an unlikely story. In fact, the crew scuttled the Indefatigable as they couldn't bear the two Mikes' dreadful playing! (It is rumoured that the clone Mike survived and is currently Chief Royal Banjoist to the King of Tonga).

OOC: This is just a quick attempt at recording the first part of the first and second banjo parts and putting them together in one video -- unfortunately I simply played the first, then the second part, so it is a bit of a double-blind test and the timing's a bit off at times. Oh, well.

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Comment by Sylvia on October 27, 2011 at 11:00
You and your twin play well together.
Comment by Mike Moss on October 27, 2011 at 11:07

Hi Sylvia,


I and my twin would probably play better if we used a metronome... the timing's a bit off but I just played the first, then the second banjo parts without listening to either one of them. It's a bit "hit and miss" as a result :-)

Comment by thereallyniceman on October 27, 2011 at 12:11

Excellent Mike,

I love that idea. I can see duets coming on here from around the world !!


I am a little confused though... is that your half brother on the right?

When I record and edit I always use aspect ratio 4:3 even though Youtube supports 16:9. This way the full video fits in the Ning video player... is that what you do?

That way we me see the other half of your half brother :-)

Comment by Sylvia on October 27, 2011 at 14:49
Now what you need to do Mike is a keyboard second part with all the trimmings and then play along with that. You would have your own band then. I'm not kidding I reckon it could be done. I've thought about it but just havn't had the time to try it.
Comment by Mike Moss on October 27, 2011 at 17:55


Changing the ratio would have been the smart thing to do... I made this in under 15 minutes but if I ever do post a full version I might even try to chroma key my clones onto a different background! Are there any pictures of the London BMG club I might use as a background? :-)

Oh, and my half brother specifically asked for his other half not to be visible... you see, in this early experiment I had used a badger as a test subject, and that clone is half-man, half-badger. He's always badgering me about his other half not being visible.



I could try to play the piano part... but it's been so long I'm not even sure I'll manage! (I do know someone who can, but won't...). 1st banjo + 2nd banjo + piano... now that's worth trying :-D

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