I just found out a way to get a really neat, cheap and effective banjo mute, which dampens the sound consideraby. Ever since I switched from nylguts to Christ Sands heavies + Ren head, combined with my hard picking, my banjo has become enormously loud -- and I love it! Still, sometimes I need to produce a quieter sound than the ear-piercing roar of my killing machine, so I just put on a cheap Tourte violin mute I had lying around -- and it works! Just pop it between the second and third strings behind the bridge, I keep it slided back when I'm not using it, and I can just slide it onto the bridge in a jiffy. Of course, this only works with thin bridges.


Anyhow, just a thought I wanted to share. I'm working hard on a lot of pieces at the moment, but I haven't got any ready for recording yet. I'll keep you posted.



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Comment by Steve Harrison on June 2, 2011 at 11:29
I use a piece of rubberised wine bottle cork cut to size so that it provides an interference fit between the perch pole and the base of the bridge. When in situ, it reduces the volume of my Weaver by about 2/3 and stops she who is to be obeyed giving me earache when I practice.

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