1964 Christy long-neck open back banjo

Many thanks to Tom and Ian for their advice. My beast looks like the one in your picture but I've just had a fibreglass skin installed tuned to "D". It gives a remarkably different sound. We've gone from sharp and crispy with a Remo plastic skin to dull and plunky with the fibreglass. Agatha's origins are still mysterious but everyone who sees how well made she is and how lovely she can sound wants to buy her. This is a solid well-crafted instrument and I was told there is a steel rod under the fret board to keep the long wooden neck from warping. My favourite, although I just purchased a banjola which if played slowly and clearly has an attraction all its own. Thanks again. Cheers, Lorne

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Comment by thereallyniceman on February 20, 2012 at 15:46

Hi Lorne,

I have found that there is a VERY large difference in sound between the standard plastic, or frosted heads and the Fibreskyn Remos. The Fibreskn also makes playing difficult for me (it seems much harder work for some reason). I prefer the Remo Renaissance head which seems to fall between the two. It gives a bright tone yet a good bass response without being to "tubby".

Good to see you on here. We will help in any way we can..  keep posting ;-)

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