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Refurbishing the old Dallas...

So I was having a look at my old Dallas -- with its old, dry head, and its excessively high action -- and decided that something needed to be done.


Thing is, this banjo looks like it might be a bit troublesome. As I mentioned earlier, I had fixed a major crack in the dowel stick, but the dowel stick is poorly set (the heel doesn't make contact with the pot) which means I will probably have to remove the dowel stick, scrap it, and make a new one... so I'll need some advice as…


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Internet pop culture meets classic banjo

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Just a small discovery...

I just found out a way to get a really neat, cheap and effective banjo mute, which dampens the sound consideraby. Ever since I switched from nylguts to Christ Sands heavies + Ren head, combined with my hard picking, my banjo has become enormously loud -- and I love it! Still, sometimes I need to produce a quieter sound than the ear-piercing roar of my killing machine, so I just put on a cheap Tourte violin mute I had lying around -- and it works! Just pop it between the second and third…


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Mike's adventures in Banjoland -- V : My ex-smooth arm banjo

It's been a while since I last posted here, so I might as well post a few updates. There have been a few developments in the past few weeks which have taken time away from my banjo studies, namely that I got a pretty good job (which means... no, not more money to spend on banjos... must... not... spend on banjos!) and that I seem to have come down with the flu for the past few days so banjo playing isn't as pleasant as usual.


Still, I've been having a closer look at my old,…


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Mike's adventures in Banjoland -- IV : To resonate, or not to resonate?

Hi all,


after posting my rendi -- err, archival footage of "Circus Parade", and after the kindness and forgivingness of the comments, I promise I'll be recording at least one more solo this weekend, though I'm not quite sure which one (probably Pompadour).


Anyhow, today I wanted to discuss a subject which has been intriguing me for some time. The other day, I was performing some maintenance on my banjo, and I removed the resonator, just to do a little sound…


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Mike's adventures in Banjoland -- III : Camera fright


Well, first of all, I would like to apologize for not having posted earlier, as I was hoping to get access to a camera in order to film some of my playing. Unfortunately, as soon as I'm in front of a camera I become a nervous wreck and can't get past the first few bars of songs I otherwise play perfectly. It was a very frustrating experience, but I do hope I'll be able to contribute with a decent video, eventually. I was recording "Beat as you go", by Emile Grimshaw, and… Continue

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Mike's adventures in Banjoland -- II : Getting the basics down

Well, I thought I might as well continue talking about my classicbanjoistic adventures, so here goes...


So once I had my (now two, adding my nylgutted former BG machine, currently my Resonatored-Toneringed-Scruggs-tunered Classic Banjo Machine Of Awesome) proper banjo, it's time for me to consolidate my technique in CB. Fortunately, I have extensive experience with musical instruments, not only with several styles of banjo, but also with the guitar, fiddle, piano, as well as…


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Mike's adventures in Banjoland -- I : The tools of the trade

Having started  playing classic banjo little over a month ago on my not-so-shabby Bluegrass Machine, I quickly realized I'd need something more appropriate if I were ever to progress in this repertoire, despite my relatively successful early attempts at playing some basic pieces. Nevertheless, being a university student with only some modest earnings, I couldn't possibly afford one of the nicer historical banjos for sale or, better yet, a classical banjo made by a modern luthier, so I…


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