Recently I was sent a box of music from New Zealand.  While the bulk of the box was stuff I already had (including several copies of the Dallas tutor) there was this series of solos by Wm. Barrett that were self published in 1926.

There are 8 solos in total as listed on the cover. Cleary they were published as a nostalgic throwback based on the short introduction he wrote inside. 

These are not too difficult and some are pretty good.  I like the "Old Gray Gobbler Turkey Trot".

All are now in public domain so enjoy and do what you want with it.

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Cool! I like having most of the list.

Anything else from the Zea?

There is all 8 of the pieces on the title sheet, complete with piano.

I had photos of a couple of these that I found at Eli's house in a pile.  I had not heard of this guy and only found a letter that he wrote to one of the magazines asking about plectrum playing. It was nice to get the complete list.

There are a few more pieces, a nice clean copy of Cammeyer's Andante and Waltz, another Home Sweet Home varied by Ellis, 3 copies of the Dallas Tutor, and some plectrum stuff.  All in not that exciting. 

There was another Ellis tutor, the "Champion Tutor" but it looks like the same old stuff is in it. 

Sorry, I must have missed one when downloading. Stupid smartphone!
Don't discount the plectrum stuff. I have a small pile and some is obviously 5-string with a new title block.

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