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I bought this banjo in a store on 2nd St between Ave A and B in NYC about 50 years ago.  I think I paid around $6.  AS you can see the name on the dowel is that of Will Lyle and I am looking for info on Lyle and who actually made this banjo.  Originally there were (and still have) friction pegs but there is are repair to the holes where the pegs sit.  A year ago I put a new skin on it as the old one is long gone and was torn beyond any repair.  I also put on new ring clamps as the old ones were bent and rusted....but I still have them even though there were a few missing.  Any info on this banjo would be helpful, to be sure.

I also have an A. Stanley zither banjo as well and am looking for info on that can be provided.  The stamp on the heel says A. STANLEY 2 ECCLESTON S and then there are 3 more letters which I cannot make out.  Anyone with info on these would be welcome also.

Barry Schorr

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