Available in 1911 and a snip at  5 shillings.

If I had a Zither banjo I would buy a set :-)

Any ideas on these as I have never heard of them !! ??

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I'm assuming this is to add "bounce" to your playing....like Allen Shelton on a trampoline......

So...I havent' read the whole of the thread or the ad, but are these springs suppossed to (from the original maker's/marketer's intent) to support/touch the head itself?????  ......Or are they to vibrate sympathetically while played?

Either way, they make no sense to me as a banjo luthier with a lot of experience.  You would think you would remove anything/weight that hampered the instrument's function and natural vibrating function.....

...but as most sigh, roll their eyes, and think at/of all my posts anywhere...."what does he know?"

Did you get my direct email reply, Joel?  I hadn't heard a reply or anything.....

Best to all, 


Thanks Chris- now I have an urge to tear apart my zither banjos to see what surprises are inside!

Maybe a maker's bench mark that is not a serial number.....????

I was thinking more along the lines of magic coils, dust bunnies, etc... I once found some spiders.

Well, if you have a high grade ZB or Electric, you won't find anything but spiders...if  you are the first one in 100 years to look inside (which is the only way one should buy a ZB or banjo 110+ years hence).....

Or else, if it's a LOW GRADE ZB or ACF, or Cole product, then you very may well find the spiders huddling around the maker's bench mark where a serial number should be....no matter what the "experts" say.

As you said..."with all due respect" (which is a polite millenial way to say, as the southern belles use to say..."how nice"....(I won't print here what the loose translation of that is since we are in polite company here in public).....

......"with all due respect" (as you have said to me in public a few times)....I've collected and studied a few ZB and ACF and Cole products longer than you have been breathing air.....

....and until this particular Amboynya, never found a bench mark that is not a serial number nor any coils.....

...but again, I don't collect low grade instruments or instruments that have been buggered with.


PS-You say many times you are a student of WW 1 history....have you ever noticed the honor in which folks of that time spoke to each other with and had in their own demeanors (let alone fought each other with) in that era as oppossed to this one?  

Just curious.

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