I studied with W.E.Miles in Toronto for about 18 months between 1965 and 1966.

He was quite elderly then and told me he had been in the SanFrancisco earthquake (1908?)

showed me photos of the travelling banjo bands in which he had played..

I still have some of his original sheet music compostions (hand notated )...

Have started practising banjo again as he taught me,( after umpteen years of not playing.)

mostly from Miles compositions and arrangements and book by J.E.Agnew (The 20th Century Method)

would like to communicate with any of his former students,,are any still alive?

also, who teaches classic banjo anymore.?? anywhere in Ontario or Québec.

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Hi Jacqueline,  I have not heard of him before but am interested in learning about your experiences.

It would be nice if the manuscript was digitized so that it does not eventually end up in the trash bin forever gone.

Classic banjo teachers might be hard to come by.  Your best bet would be by skype.

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