Turner's Easiway Tutor for the Banjo - Herbert J.Ellis

This banjo tutor book is currently for sale on eBay. Rather expensively priced and not one I'm after myself. I'm just interested to know if anyone here can date this publication? Herbert J. Ellis died in 1903.  The cover typography looks like a 1920's or 30's repackaging of earlier content. The typography and layout inside looks more like turn of the century. Yet the price of 1 shilling would suggest an earlier date. A curious mish-mash.


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This is a later repackaging of this tutor that I scanned and posted here:


One sees this type repackaging as late as the 1950s with US publications. 

Thank you Joel. It does certainly have all the design hallmarks of a repackaged publication. I guess we need to go by the cover typographical style and best-guess the date as c.1930's?

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