30 new solos added to the list.


Behind the scenes Rev. Anthony Peabody and I have been continuing with the mammoth task of creating audio files database for all of Joe Morley’s compositions for Classic Banjo !


This is no mean feat as all the scores have to be manually entered, note by note, into music software, by Anthony, and then the resulting files sent to me for use in the MUSIC LIBRARY database to link with the printed scores we have for download.


Now you can listen the solo while you follow the banjo score.  ..brilliant!


There are hidden treasures in Joe’s catalogue many seldom, if ever, heard before!


Pop over to:   https://classic-banjo.ning.com/page/works-of-joe-morley



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Thank you for this incredible job, this will be a huge tool for those who engage seriously in the practice of this incomparable music of this wonderful classic banjo.
A big thank you to Ian and Anthony, for trying, andn managed this big work of patience, and thanks also to Richard Inneson to research and catalog.
I also find that the sound of the banjo music is good, it's a complete success!
I think the least thing would be to do justice to this music not playing too slowly and well timed, as Ian said in his commentary, and to respect the spirit of this dear Joe Morley. We owe him that.
Thank you again for this wonderful work of patience and organization.

That's great - thank you to Ian and Anthony for all their hard work.  It's very helpful for a beginner like me to hear how the score should sound.  I've added 'Apple Blossoms' to my ever-growing 'To Learn' list....

Well done, youngsters. I know the difficulty and dedication it took to achieve this goal and I applaud you both. I assume that Anthony is playing these pieces himself? I don't think I would live long enough to hear him play a concert of all the music he knows. Now that you have revealed the rabbit in the hat, what is your next trick?

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