Following on from my arrangement of 'The Honeysuckle And The Bee, this is another popular Music Hall song. It was written by Leslie Stewart who was an English composer of musical theatre and was one of the signature songs of Eugene Stratton, a 'blackface' singer and dancer.He was born Eugene Augustus Ruhlman  in 1861 in new York and moved to the UK in 1873 and had a successful career in the Music Hall.

The lyrics were typical of the 'coon' songs of that era and by today's sensibilities, would probably raise a few eyebrows! The song was rewritten in 1940 by American songwriters Ted Fia Rito and Paul francis, and has enjoyed continued popularity. My arrangement is of the original composition in Ab which suits the banjo and a recording of Stratton singing it can be found here.

There is a handwritten score by Freddie Musselbrook of the London banjo club together with a score and midi of my arrangement.....Steve.

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