Has anybody else ever attempted this one/recorded the full version of this AJ Weidt piece? I quite enjoy it, but I'm having a hard time with the second half of it. I feel as though I would benefit from hearing an actual recording of it, rather than use the cheesy midi file. 

(Here is a recording of the 1st half (with a few stumbling blocks along the way) but hey, give me a break, I only began learning it this morning :) and its not an easy one)


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We all would like to be "perfect", but, and perhaps I'm a bit odd in in that way, I like to hear small hiccups and so on in amateur, low fi recordings. Yours was fine btw

LOL. You can always be like me and rise to being a negative example. "Don't be like that guy!" =8^0  ;-)

Joel Hooks said:

In that case, please accept my apology for the recording, it was not motivating in any way.

david caron said:

 I also prefer recordings because I find them to be a bit more motivating. Often times I can relate to the player or tell myself, "ah gee, he/she plays that other song quite well and I can almost play it, at that level, so I know that I can most likely play this one as well."

Jody Stecher said:

Of course you are right about the lack of personality in midi. But that is exactly what makes it a useful tool. You don't get the overlay of human interpretation. Instead you get the composer's intention. But that is dependent on the transcription being correct and the midi working properly. 

I have to say, the computer does nothing to enhance the intro, it sounds like it stumbles. Human playing will always beat it out for 'feel'...and I haven't picked thru this one at all. Could easily be great after washing thru a brain and fingers.

Weidt, of course, is one of my favorites. Very hard for me to even consider an alteration.

Joel Hooks said:

I don't know Marc, I like the published intro, it gives a slight hesitation at the end that builds excitement-- classic Weidt. I am likely over thinking but I think it is correct.

That said, your interpretation is just as valid and it should be played as the player wants.

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