Classic Banjo Ning is run to benefit its members with free music scores, discussions, tuition and much, much more! Browsing visitors too are able to learn all about the Classic Style of playing.


The running costs, server and domain hosting and the costs of the NING social media platform are paid for by donations. I last asked for donations several years ago but now the funds have been exhausted and I can only keep the site online until May 2023 when subscriptions are due to renew. After much negotiation, I have managed to reduce our site hosting and administration costs to approximately $500 per year, but without the help of members I will be forced to close our social media platform.


If you would like to help keep the Classic Banjo online, and free for all to use, please use the DONATE button on the HOME PAGE    From there you can safely make a PAYPAL transfer.



ALL donations would be greatly appreciated and your gift will help to keep the website alive.


Many thanks,

Ian, thereallyniceman



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Absolutely happy to chip in. This site is an essential resource. 

Glad to do so Ian. Thanks for all that you do in maintaining this website. 

Thanks for keeping the site going, it is much appreciated,I will enclose my donation with my Christmas card to you.

Thanks so much for doing this! Just donated.

Thanks for all your work in keeping the site going - just donated.  

Donation in. Thank you, Ian, for everything you and your family do!


I have gladly donated to such a valuable forum. Thank you for all that you do for us.

Kind regards, Ian.

I just donated. Thank you for keeping this incredible resource available to all!

Hi Ian, Just added my donation. Keep up the good work, you and your site are a National Treasure !

Yes Indeed. And the treasure status goes beyond one nation as this site is internationally accessible with  participation from North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, and as far as I know there may be "lurkers" in Greenland and the South Pole. The visible work Ian does and has done is formidable. He has done as much or more behind the scenes unannounced and unperceived.  

Keith Wilson said:

Hi Ian, Just added my donation. Keep up the good work, you and your site are a National Treasure !

Donation in. Happy Christmas to you and yours, Ian!

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