Does anyone have a cleanish copy of the Brewster Banjoist?

The copy I have is the same one on this website and is pretty lousy.

If you do, could you scan and post it?  Or send it to me and I'll scan and post it and send it back.  

Or sell it to me for a resonable price (+/- $20 +shipping) I'll scan and post it, then give it to Marc Smith for his collection.


-Joel Hooks

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Hi Joel, I'll take a look in the archives.

Hmmm. I really like option #3...and will contribute, of course.

Hello Joel,

I will send a clean copy of J.E.BREWSTER BANJOIST to Ian.

Please watch.


Thank you Satoshi for scanning the book so quickly, I have received your PDF copy of the J E Brewster Banjoist and have uploaded it to the TUTOR BOOKS page.

Joel it is now available to download as a PDF.  I hope this is OK for you and much clearer than my poor copy that I have removed.

Wow!  That was fast!!


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