I have deleted the account registered by "Erica Woodward".  If you have received any message from this spambot please ignore it.

Sorry that this scammer slipped through!.


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It appears that CB Ning are not alone!  Other NING sites have been targetted too. 

Please do not be fooled by private message requests or links to click. I do my very best to stop them but spambots are very presistent!!

Thanks for catching so fast. They messaged me too.

And I was just about to make fast easy money investing in crypto.

Too late Joel,

I jumped on the opportunity and invested my pension fund...

so I am in the money, in the money!!!

Joel Hooks said:

And I was just about to make fast easy money investing in crypto.

Just curious: I am not particularly active here, but I am listed as an administrator?  I have never administered anything here; is this an error?

Andy Alexis
Sacramento, CA

No Andy, you are not listed as an Admin nor as a Moderator.

Spammer/Abusive Account holders, doubtful posts or content can only be modified or deleted by Admins.

This DISCUSSION  relates to a Spammer who slipped through our CAPTA questions at sign up only to cause trouble!


Ian, thereallyniceman

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