I've been asked for information by a friend in regard to her late grandfather's banjo playing. From the photos she has emailed me the banjo the family have is clearly a Windsor Popular 7 zither dating from the late 20's or 30's. Not remarkable or unusual (or valuable) as such, but nice to see that it's in immaculate as-new condition. That suggests that her grandfather (a coal miner) would likely have been playing a classic banjo repertoire.

More of interest to me, though rather off the edge of my own knowledge and banjo map, is the sheet music. 'Cromartie Polka March' and 'Fanfare des Dragons Galop' are two titles. Can someone shed any further light on these tunes?

The family are not looking to sell the banjo, their interest is sentimental and seeking information about their grandfather's playing.

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Thank you Joel and Richard,

Zither banjo doesn't feature in my collection of banjos or playing experience hence my reference to being 'off the edge of my banjo map'.

I suppose what fascinates me specifically in regard to context is particularly the social context of this family's grandfather, a coal miner playing banjo in Lancashire in the 30's and 40's, and the advent and nature of classic repertoire and the culture in which it was played.

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