I'm itching to start working on a rag.

Any suggestions for one that would be fairly easy for a beginner to tackle?

I've been browsing the Music Library, but haven't come up with just the right one yet.


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Question for  you. As a fellow beginner, did you learn to read sheet music? How did you go about learning? What are some beginner songs that you would suggest?

Hi David.

I'm going to start a new message thread so that others will see your question and offer their own insights.


Hi Cyndy, I've had a skim through some of my arrangements and I've had a look at The Timbuctoo March which is described on the score as "A Ragtime Dream" and is an early cake walk. I don't know your level of proficiency, but it might be one for your 'to do' list. It's not too much of a challenge and as with most of my arrangements, I've added the fret numbers and position indicators to the score to help with reading the music. The score and midi are both in the library..Steve.

Steve Harrison said:

Hi Cyndy, No problem, best of luck with Kaloola..Steve.

Cynthia Richardson said:

Hi Steve.

I've had such supportive replies here and I really appreciate it.

I just listened to Rag Knots and it's a cool tune. I'd be interested in playing it but before I take you up on that offer, I'd better focus on Kaloola--at least until it's solidly in my head. I'm making progress and working on it is proving to be kind of addictive.


Maybe I'll have to make it a project to add tunes with "oo" in the titles to the things I can play. :)

I'll take a look soon.

I've been making good progress on the Caliope Rag, hopefully I will sum up the necessary courage to post a a recording. 

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