I have not seen an advertisement by Weaver, for Weaver Banjos, before.


None genuine unless bearing my Name.

I think that I need another one ;-)

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You won't be wanting your Gariepy any more then?


Many of the CE 'special' banjos were made by Weaver, although this model didn't seem to have any particular, regular, specifications, and there are many variations, The Weaver made specials are unmistakable as they are just regular Weaver banjos with the CE stamps/tags. Weaver didn't make banjos for anybody other than himself after 1906.

Well.. there are exceptions to all rules.  I think the FVE banjos are the finest looking banjos made.  I also have a "flush fret" era FVE with raised frets and a pretty fancy fingerboard.. It is gold plated as well, but did not start life that way, it was "improved" by the first owner.

I would rather the Gariepy FVE was not gold, but I'll overlook that for the way it plays.

I tend not to be drawn to fancy banjos, but FVE banjos are special.

thereallyniceman said:

You won't be wanting your Gariepy any more then?


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