Ive just bought this. It has John Alvey Turner stamps on it and is called 'The Alvey'. 

Does anyone have any information on this model? It looks like Clifford Essex parts and I know Essex did supply Alvey Turner. But I cant find any info online. It has a 12 inch head. 

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Much appreciated Keith.

Here's the banjo after a bit of a clean and set-up. Has a really impressive sound and very loud. Very different from my Clifford Essex Professional which is the only other 12 inch(ish) spun over I have to compare it to. The neck profile is also really comfortable. 

Nice looking Banjo that! Nice find!

Cheers Rob. Told myself I wasn't going to keep this one but it's so nice to play. 

Congratulations on your find.  Looks really nice and look forward to hearing a sound sample.  I was tempted by this one - am sure you won't have any trouble selling it on should you choose to :)

I need to stop looking on Ebay - today there is a countdown on a Grimshaw and a Wilmshurst - it's like torture!!!

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