While following some odd links I came across some Cavaquinho tabs.

The cavaquinho, or machete, is a tiny 4 string guitar similar to a ukulele, but in this case tuned an octave above a plectrum banjo. For those looking for a few novel pieces to practice, these two should help while away a quiet evening.



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Hi Claude,   Thank you for posting the link re Cavaquinho tabs. I do have a Baritone Uke so am going to give these two pieces a try.

You're welcome.

I tuned the bass string on my spare banjo up to D and gave it a try. They sound pretty good.

It was a 4 part series, so I dug in some more and found the rest of it. Here's part 1, (the Danca Camponeza is very nice) part 3 and part 4 to complete the set.

Have fun.



Thank you again Claude, have downloaded the remainder.   I will try it on the Banjo with Bass to D as well as the Bari. Uke.

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