I am so sorry to report that NING have again screwed up our website hosting server and this is causing erratic page loading.


PLEASE do not use Chrome browser as it seems that Safari, Firefox etc are not experiencing the error. Alternatively try clearing your Chrome cache and reload pages repeatedly, as they will eventually load correctly.


I am so sorry but I fear that the days of Classic-Banjo.Ning.com are numbered if our hosts do not improve their technical support.


Here is an example of the type of bullsh*t I get from them:

I have NO control over these random errors and get no help from Ning.


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That message from Ning about "instant bugs" is remarkable for its vacuity and its power to annoy.  How can one answer a question that has no apparent meaning and is presented in a foreign language masquerading as English?


You now feel my frustration and pain!

The current error "seems" to have been resolved.

We have had this error before and my son, David (a web programmer) diagnosed Ning's incorrect up-dating of the "Https security certificates" and this error remaining as a legacy in the uncleared NING caches. We tried to communicate this to their technical support team, but they did not reply!

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