This "Dexter" banjo popped up on Banjo Hangout.  While the price is a bit high, it would make a nice player for someone.

It is not mine but I thought I'd pass the listing along.

I can't tell but the neck might be shimmed for the taller bridge.

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With its11.5 inch pot this lovely looking banjo  is likely to sound great. I had a Barnes & Mullins like that and it was a great banjo. Now a student of mine has it.  I think the price is not high. If I was still in a life phase of banjo accumulation I would buy this rare and potentially excellent banjo.

I'd like that price better if it came with a good, clean, hard case.

Does anyone happen to know if that the original tailpiece?

And, anyone have any clue on what it might cost to ship a banjo like that from the UK to the US?

I have a “Dexter” made fretless a while back. It has a great sound. Here it is in action - one from Converse and two from Briggs, stroke style.

And here is my Dexter finger style.

Definitely sounds good to me!

'Berrie and Bertolle' were  a music hall banjo duet, they also made a few records and, I think, were in the famous 100 strong banjo band at the London Palladium c1912. I had one of these 'Dexter' banjos at one time, a very good instrument, which had a lot n common with the 'ordinary' banjos sold by Cammeyer.

Stephen Prior Sent my this link regarding Bertolle:

Nothing in the banjo world surprises me any more but this latest discovery about Bertolle is certainly  food for thought.

Milwaukee Matzen said:

Stephen Prior Sent my this link regarding Bertolle:

Yah, who in their right mind would depict cats as servants? Those Victorians were mad!

Hmmm. Too bad none were made left-handed. I would certainly buy a "Sinister" banjo...even if I couldn't play it.

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