Hello, I'm Josh. I bought my first banjo in 2010. I grew up watching Beverly hills billies and I remember hearing banjo music as a young child.
While I enjoy bluegrass banjo, I never liked the feel of finger picks.
I then discovers claw hammer banjo, which I like, and have learned on my own. Not a pro of course.
After that I found some simple tunes that I could play with my fingers, without finger picks.

My introduction to classic Banjo was the guys from Old Cer lmona. I instantly fell in love with the classic Banjo style as well as the minstrel style banjo.

I lived in North Carolina and had to leave my hands at home on Oregon for 4 years. Thus I wasn't able to play.
Now I'm back home, and am playing my bank again.

I have a Rover open back banjo, which currently has steal steering. I plan to convert it to a classic Banjo.

Thanks for letting me join the group and look forward to exploring the classic Banjo.

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Welcome Josh, You have eventually found THE finest style of banjo playing :-)

Carl  (Old Cremona) used to run this website years ago and he is a great player. If you need any help just ask, and do keep us informed of your progress.

Ian, thereallyniceman

Welcome to the site Josh.  I found my way to classic style via approximately the same route only many decades earlier.  You are going to find the journey rewarding, sometimes frustrating, but interesting and very rewarding.

I would like to welcome you as well, Josh. This music is infectious; soon you will have more music than you can learn. But that will continually drive your forward. I must mention that in addition to this fabulous website, I host Classic Banjo Resource Site, which includes photos, a podcast, a 24/7 internet radio station of the classic banjo players, and MP3s of some of the songs.

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