For all who like a challenge I have been busy adding 30+ new, original published scores to the site MUSIC LIBRARY.

I said a challenge, and I wasn't joking, as many are Parke Hunter compositions and arrangements that are renowned for their difficulty. Give Narcissus or William Tell Overture a try and see what I mean!

Check them all out and download them as PDFs from the Music library.

Fortunately there are a few slightly less difficult pieces from Emile Grimshaw and others, but they ain't that easy. ENJOY the challenge :-) 

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Thanks Ian!!  Looks like I need to get to work (cracks knuckles).

Yah, this made me remember I hadn't finished tabbing the Ossman version of "Narcissus". I also need to finish "Creole Belles". This copy is much clearer than the one I got from Hal Allert years ago.

Thanks, Ian!

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