I picked this up a few years ago and have been stalling to scan it based on the way it was bound and printed.  There has been some zither banjo talk lately over on BHO and Facebook.  Somehow the idea that Temlett "invented" the zither banjo in the late 1860s is now a thing that is being kicked around.

With that nonsense floating around, I figured it was time to make this available.  The scan is quick and dirty but readable (if you consider Cammeyer's self aggrandizing readable). 


I also got my hands on a photo copy of Cammeyer's "Cultivation of the Hands" which people might find useful.


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This is a brief article from 1884 referring to a patent for some form of suspended pot.     

Temlett's knockoff of the Henry Dobson closed back banjo is not in dispute.

nick langton said:


This is a brief article from 1884 referring to a patent for some form of suspended pot.     

Yes, although it would be interesting to see the original Temlett patent if it still exists somewhere and to what extent it may have differed from Dobson's design and the typical later zither banjos.     


The problem of burden of proof arises as there is never any mention to the magic combination of wire/gut strings, tunneled string, or machine pegs in any of the pre Cammeyer Temlett claims. 

Thus- not a "zither banjo".

Even in Temlett's version of S. S. Stewart's "The Banjo" book, published in 1888, Temlett mentions nothing that could be interpreted as the zither banjo, kind of a big oversight considering how unique and specific the zither banjo is.

To recap, yes, Temlett made closed back banjos based on the Dobson patent.  Cammeyer developed the zither banjo.  Those two things might be related when it comes to post Cammeyer production zither banjos but the claim that Temlett was the originator of the zither banjo does not stand scrutiny. 

When this claim is made, and I ask for supporting documentation, I am either directed to some website called "Creek Don't Rise" or I am provided with the Temlett knockoff of the Dobson closed back patent. 

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