I'm interested in what were the most popular classic banjo tunes during the golden age of classic banjo (1880s to 1920).  I am particularly interested in tunes written specifically for the banjo.  I am thinking we could establish most popular by: most played in banjo orchestras/BMG clubs; most frequently recorded; most copies of sheet music sold; anecdotal evidence.  From what I have read this might include:

Lansing's Dream


Sunflower Dance

In a nerdy fashion, I would quite like to make a TOP TEN in chronological order.  Just for fun. 

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Yes, I understood.  Peripheral to banjo music being current but not unrelated:  you know Emile Grimshaw was always looking forward. He developed several models of electric guitar and went into business with his son Emile JR manufacturing them. Pete Townsend ,Gene Vincent and Spencer Davis are amongst those who played Grimshaw electric guitars.  


carrie horgan said:

Yes, maybe nostalgic is not the right choice of world.  It is not nostalgic for me as it is not within living memory but is more about enjoyment of the tunes and learning about the history that goes with it.  I guess I just meant that there is a sense that the banjo is 'the modern instrument' in the earlier BMG editions and is used to play what is 'current'.  It is of it's time whereas Richard's banjo teacher isn't playing the latest Beatles in the 1960s but something from decades ago.  

RE: "Carolina Capers" publishing errata:

B part, 2nd ending, final note...should be a D natural.

I just finished keying it into Musescore. Wait, that note doesn't sound right...ah!

thereallyniceman said:

Thanks Joel,

I have added the score, complete with 2nd banjo part, to the MUSIC LIBRARY.


Thanks for that, Marc - it's always helpful to hear how the tune sounds before attempting to play it.  

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