I Have often wondered what Joe Morley might have been playing when he started off.  The earliest reference I have found to one of his own pieces is not quite what you would expect.

In 1893, playing at a concert with the Bijou Minstrels he played (according to the report): Mr Joe Morley’s staccato polka and gavotte, in which were introduced an excellent imitation of the guitar, and a slightly less distinguished harp, was loudly applauded”. . I expect this might be his Polka in C (staccato).  Not quite sure where the gavotte comes in, or indeed the guitar of harp impressions, but perhaps the reporter got mixed up with 4/4 and 2/4, who knows.  The polka in C can be heard elsewhere on this website, and it is avery nice piece, worth an outing now and again

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The story goes that when CE first met Joe he was playing "Pas de Quatre" by Lutz on a fretless 6-string.

And the last.....according to Keeler "Morley's Last Melody" played on 13th September 1937.

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