I have added more videos describing techniques and exercises to help you play Classic Style banjo smoothly and efficiently.  I hope that you enjoy them !!!

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Well! I have finally gotten a few minutes strung together to view all the tutorial videos. "Impressive" is my first take on it. Ian, you've done yourself proud...congratulations, they're great!!


I am very impressed with the quality of video as well as the quality of content. How I wish I'd had something like this when I started out on the banjo 30 yrs ago! Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Well done!

Thank you Ian for the new videos. Very clear and consice much appreciated.


Regards Pam

Hi Ian , thank you for the new videos, havn't had time to work through them just yet, but will do.

Let me add my thanks to Ian for such a fine job with the videos.  I find that I can always benefit from applying more thought and discipline to the way I hold the banjo and the to way my fingers approach the strings when picking the notes.  The 13 classic style chord shapes are also really well done and much appreciated.   What a great contribution to the classic banjo community!  Thanks very much.



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