Here's today's project, "Length'ning Shadows" by Alf Bell.

I know nothing about Mr. Bell but I found this little piece hiding on my hard drive and it looked like it might be fun.

I think this was published late...20's? 30's? It is marked "Finger or Plectrum Style"

I've provided the original dots as well as a "cleaned up" version which, although easier to read, is missing the LH fingering and/or string indicators. It does fix some errata though...and separates out the two parts into two pages. Tablature, of course.

Pretty little piece. I hope y'all enjoy it!

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Thanks Marc,

It is a pretty one ... the melody on the 3rd strings suits the Zither nicely :)

Thanks for sharing

I've never seen or heard this pretty tune before, thanks for sharing it.

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