I haven't been on site much for a while. As some may know, hand issues have reduced my practise time and playing proficiency.

As a diversion - with little knowledge and even fewer skills - I began making banjos a few years ago, starting with less demanding minstrel styles.

Just finished making my first classic era banjo and thought I'd share a few pics. African mahogany, one piece neck; design inspired by the few known c. 1881 Fairbanks & Cole triangle inlaid banjos. Rickard half spun electric rim assembly, with added embellishments. 


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I love that "Mariner's Banjo". The 'shark bite' heel is amazing!

Figured you'd enjoy that one.

It was also very nice of you to do a head sculpture of me on the heel of the English banjo ;-)

Minus the trade mark bow tie and dinner jacket, unfortunately. But I got the horns right.

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